Our goal

We are a travel agency based in Hanoi, and are very happy to show you the real Vietnam!

In 2016, After a long time working  in Tourism Industry, we decided that it was time to open a travel agency that can make a real difference for traveling in Vietnam. New breathtaking destinations, away from the mass, only travel in small groups.

With 7 years working in Tourism Industry, working as a tourguide for 2 years, tour operator for 3 years and 2 years for working as sale online in hotel, we are confident to give you the best advise for you to visit around Vietnam.

Authentic Travel want to give you a unforgettable experience. That means high quality service and honest price and no hidden costs and taxes. 

Please contact us for tour information, we can organise everything you need for having a amazing trip in Vietnam!

Your Authentic Travel tour operators, Ms Lanna &  Mr Jack